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Brass Steampunk Lighter Boiler

Product Code: Boiler
Brass Steampunk Lighter Boiler

Brass Steampunk Lighter Boiler Summary

I'm going to make a few of these lighters. I bought these brand new ex-promotional lighters which had been specially made for a big bike rally in the US. I have removed the logo off the side and replaced it with my own Steampunk styling. All the cogs and bits are silver soldered onto brass panels which are very solidly attached to the lighters (cast alloy) with a special two part industrial epoxy adhesive.
The lighters are good quality and very similar design to the american Zippo lighters. They don't have any fuel in them yet, (they are endlessly refillable) because I think it's better for posting that they don't have fuel in them, especially for overseas. I could fill it for you if you're giving it as a gift, but if you're keeping it, you're going to want to be refilling it yourself for years to come. They take standard liquid lighter fluid (from a tobacconist or similar) NOT the aerosol ones. If you want something even more special I am always happy to consider other suggestions, for example if you want one personalized with someone's name or initials.
Now I've had people say, "It almost makes me want to take up smoking". 
Please don't!  There are many, far better things to do with a good lighter and it is a must have accessory for any adventurer past, present or future. 
Here are some suggested uses, You could light a candlelit dinner, or light a flaming torch to explore a cave or an ancient tomb, you could make a little fire on the beach, you could save a life with a little warming fire when stranded on a mountain or cook your dinner when stranded on a deserted island.You could send a smoke signal, you could light a fuse, you could smoke out an enemy or use smoke to subdue bees.Great for lighting a barbecue or a spit roast, or just to make a cup of tea. You can fire up a forge, light a cannon or ignite some dynamite.You could put a wax seal on a love letter, light some incense, or even roast a single marshmallow. I can't imagine how you've survived so long with out one! 

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